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Disclaimer to www.myguide.my.id:

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1. All content in the site for example text, images and or graphics and product names published on this site are for general information only and are not expected for commercial and or other transaction purposes.

2.https://www.myguide.my.id/strives to display the content as accurately as possible, but we are and or are not responsible for delays in updating data or information, or any losses arising from actions related to the use of the information presented.

3.https://www.myguide.my.id/is not responsible for any direct or indirect consequences of the use of all displayed text, images and/or graphics.

4.All content published in the site become copyright https://www.myguide.my.id/, unless otherwise noted.

5. Reloading some or all of the material in this blog is allowed as long as it mentions https://www.myguide.my.id/ as the source and its active link.

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8.The information on this site is only my personal opinion based on my experience and I am not responsible whatsoever if you follow any method or trick I convey.

9.Our site respects the Copyright, if there is material on our site that you think violates copyright please send a complaint through our contact with accurate evidence.

10.It is also necessary that you are aware that when you leave our website, other sites may have different privacy policies and terms that are beyond our control. Be sure to check the privacy policy of such sites as well as the "Terms of Service" before doing any business or uploading any information.

This disclaimer site update was last updated on: Saturday, February 13, 2021 · If we update or make changes to this document, such changes will be clearly displayed in this post.